Furniture designed to show your record collection and turntable

Vinyl Cab­i­net is made with the idea of design­ing a piece of fur­ni­ture for both record col­lec­tors and min­i­mal­is­tic design-lovers.

Most fur­ni­ture made for turnta­bles and record col­lec­tions doesn’t match the aes­thet­ics of vinyl and doesn’t do right to how proud you can be of your col­lec­tion. Vinyl Cab­i­net does right that; an alter for your most per­son­al gath­er­ings, with­out hav­ing to choose between either func­tion­al­i­ty or looks.

Each side of the Cab­i­net can hold up to 100 records, so you’re able to store around 200 records in total. The Cab­i­net itself is designed to fit most com­mon turnta­bles. The inside of the Cab­i­net holds a shelf which is adjustable in height, so you can choose to reserve one part just for your head­phones, brush­es, etc, or put a pre-amp on the shelf.

The Cab­i­net is designed as a unique piece of fur­ni­ture that can be hung on the wall, so floor vibra­tions won’t inter­fere with your ele­ment or needle. How­ev­er, not every­one is able to attach some­thing on his or her walls, or sim­ply doesn’t want to. There­fore, you’re able to choose for theVinyl Cab­i­net Frame, as you can see on the photo’s below.



The Vinyl Cabinet’s width is 150 cm, the height 35 cm, where the depth is 45 cm.

Pric­ing and cus­tomiz­ing on request, feel free to send me an e-mail at